• Doorin Door Bell by Kyujo

Doorin Door Bell by Kyujo

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This copper door bell applies traditional Japanese casting techniques to contemporary living. When attached to a door, little discs like dewdrops of the bell sway and make a soothing  sound each time when door opens.

Magnet is integrated  into Doorin base to attach the metal part of doors.

Additionally, a screw and doublesided adhesive tape is included for other ways to attach.

Body size: Width 48 × depth 70 × height 110 mm 

Bell:  Copper alloy 

Pendulum: Brass 

Base: Aluminum 

Arm: With stainless steel  & magnet 

Color: Aluminium base is silver grey and the bell components are in gold.

Kyujo Co. Ltd is a long established Japanese manufacturer for temple bells and religious accessories since 1907. In their contemporary products, there are fine examples of  combination of both Buddhist culture of Japan and tremendous efforts of generations of craftsman who developed the traditional techniques of metal works.

The sounds of their bells can be heard all over Japan, at schools, trains, station melodies and in music productions. The tunes are also played inside the Shinkansen trains and trains stations.