Ishikoro Pebble Stones Bath Mat by Ottaipnu

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Dimensions: 50 x 74cm

Ottaipnu is an original textile label, created by designer Masaru Suzuki.

The bathmats draw inspiration from nature, interpreting the shapes stone-washed pebbles into the jacquard weave. The shapes subtley emerge from the surface of the mat - creating a beautifully textured look and feel.

These bath mats made with premium cotton and they will become softer through use as the individual strands loosen. They really do feel like you are stepping on soft stones and the amazing design brings a sense of the outdoors i nto your bathroom. As most of the design is raised, the floor underneath stays mostly dry.

Colours: Charcoal Grey, White or Beige

Size: 50cm x 75cm

Material: 100% Cotton