Tabletop Wind Bell 'Furin'

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WDH Tabletop Wind Bell 'Furin'

The clear sound of craftsmanship

The Japanese Furin of WDH makes clear and gentle sounds whenever its strip of paper resonates with the breeze.

Craftsmen compound materials in their original way to make the brass bell sound well.

The special brass is melted in high temperature and poured into a mould. Then, craftsmen shave and polish the casting one by one. 

The tabletop wind bell comes in two colour options: Black or Gold.

Black bell makes lower sound compared to the Gold one. Gold bell makes a higher animated sound. If you would like to enjoy a calm atmosphere in the twilight, we recommend black wind bell. For the pleasant time in hot sunny day in summer, we recommend sophisticated clear sound of gold tabletop wind bell.

Furin frame and stand with 41 sticks of bamboo

The frame and stand is a delicate bamboo structure. This is a traditional craft in Shizuoka city of Shizuoka prefecture known as “Suruga Take Sensuji-zaiku”, or “Suruga bamboo ware.”

The 3 bamboo hoops in top, middle, and bottom of the stand are arched by craftsmen in the superb heat control. The jointed place of the hoops is hardly visible.

In the hoops, there are 41 thin bamboo sticks. Skilled craftsmen work the cut bamboo into thin and rounded sticks and then inserted and adhered the bamboo sticks. The sophisticated form of the frame and stand evokes the “Yukizuri” in the snowy parts of Japan where Yukizuri is installed to protect trees from heavy snow. A lot of ropes cover trees like a cone. The scenery of Yukizuri especially in Kenrokoen Gardens is one the inspirations for wind bell of WDH.

The supple and smooth carved lines by bamboo sticks give a calm atmosphere to daily life. Moreover, bamboo changes its colour and gloss as time passes. Bamboo gains beautiful colour and patina like an amber.

Beautifully presented in a wooden box.


Entire frame/stand:  φ 12 × H 38 cm

Wind bell  φ 4.2 × H 5.2 cm

Paper strip W 4 × D 20.5 cm

Madein Japan

All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy the special feature of handmade crafts. Do not use the product in other ways of its original use.

Set the product on a stable and flat place.

Do not put the product on unstable or uneven places.

Keep away from water.

If the stand gets too wet, bamboo may become warped or damaged.

Avoid using wind bell outside in a strong wind or heavy rain.

Wipe off the dust or stain with soft brush or cloth.

When you store the product, please keep it away from direct sun or humidity.