Chikuseiko Natural Bamboo Charcoal Long Incense Sticks


Scent options:  Plum blossoms, Cherry blossoms, Sandalwood & Bamboo.

The natural scent is made possible with 100% natural ingredients.. Bamboo vinegar and bamboo charcoal are used in the process of carbonizing the bamboo aare the the main raw material,

Natural scents from oils are extracted from plants.

Made in Awaji Island, Japan's main incense production area, which accounts for 70% of domestic incense.

Bamboo charcoal incense is a smoke less type  that suppresses the generation of smoke by blending coal. Since the smoke is minimal,  you may enjoy the aroma with confidence even in the small confined space.


Per stick:  L 13.5 cm

Materials: Bamboo Charcoal

Eack pack consists of 80g of incense, approx. 180 sticks.